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Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless (MJRH)

It doesn’t get more direct than this.

This outreach van program offers a volunteer opportunity like no other. Volunteers assist a Ve’ahavta outreach worker for a 5 or 6-hour shift in which they serve up to 100 individuals living on the streets of downtown Toronto. Volunteers distribute food, coffee, clothing, hygiene supplies, and most importantly, a friendly face and uplifting spirit.

Can I do it?

Volunteers ages 12-15 and up can volunteer with a parent/guardian or other trusted adult on our Young Riders shifts on Thursdays from 6-11pm and Sundays from 12 noon – 6pm.

Volunteers ages 16-17 can volunteer on any shift, but must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other trusted adult. All volunteers under age 18 who are not volunteering with their parent/guardian must have the permission forms signed in advance.

Volunteers 18-118 can volunteer on any shift.

Where do we meet?

Volunteers begin and end their shift at Ve’ahavta’s office, 200-D Bridgeland Ave. (near Yorkdale Mall)

When do I go?

The MJRH outreach van goes out:

Monday: 6 pm – 12 am

Tuesday: 6 pm – 12 am

Wednesday: 6 pm – 12 am

Thursday: 6 pm – 11 pm (Young Riders shift)

Saturday: 6 pm – 12 am

Sunday: 12 noon – 6pm (Young Riders shift)

To sign up contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator, Ruth Hart, at: 416.964.7698 ext 216

We were surprised to have such intelligent, interesting conversations with some of these people. Recently, we were stopped at a light at one of the van stop locations, and began to chat with one of the van’s clientele about meeting him the previous week. It was amazing to be able to interact instead of just “ignore”. Made us feel better about the world and it was equalizing somehow.

– Rachel Yaegar, MJRH volunteer

Learn more about Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless

Creative Writing Program

Words from the street.

This program, inspired by the power of creativity and expression, delivers a series of ongoing writing workshops which are geared to marginalized and vulnerable individuals. Our goal is to support the establishment of communities of writers in often silenced populations while increasing the literacy skills of participants. Volunteers facilitate the Creative Writing Program, which concludes with a Creative Writing Contest that culminates during a live spoken word event.

Can I do it?

All volunteers (whether writer, teacher or 9-5er) are open to apply for the facilitator positions. Facilitators receive in-depth training in order to teach, advise and encourage writing workshop attendees.

Where do we meet?

Workshops take place at various shelters and drop-in centres in the Greater Toronto Area.

When do I go?

Workshop schedules vary – click here for dates, times & locations

Learn more about the Creative Writing Program

Ve’ahavta Street Academy

Be part of the transformation.

The Ve’ahavta Street Academy (VSA) is a free, adult education course that runs several times per year, and aims to inspire individuals marginalized by poverty to pursue further educational programs, find gainful employment and improves their lives. Volunteer facilitators offer 2.5 hour workshops which meet the requirements of the curriculum and based on their personal expertise.

Can I do it?

If you have the drive to help others through education, then yes!

Where do we meet?

Classes are held at various George Brown College campuses, depending on the session.

When do I go?

Classes are held Tuesday – Thursday 9:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:30pm

Learn more about Ve’ahavta Street Academy

Briut Ontario

Briut is a Hebrew word, meaning “health” or “wellness”. Briut is a community-driven health promotion program which places graduate level students studying public health or social work in partner “host” communities for four month placements. Briut’s goal is to improve the long term health of individuals and communities by strengthening local capacity for health promotion and the delivery of community based programs. These programs are developed within the context of local knowledge and expertise. (exhale).

Can I do it?

Briut fellows are expected to have experience working directly with marginalized or vulnerable communities in the areas of public health or social work. Those with experience working with Aboriginal populations in either urban or rural contexts will be prioritized. Briut Fellows are highly self-motivated, creative, observant, and patient individuals with an exceptional aptitude for listening, informal education and community engagement.

Where do we meet?

Placements are held in various reserve communities in the Kenora Region of Northern Ontario.

When do I go?

Placement dates vary throughout the year.

Learn more about the Briut Ontario program

Behind the Scenes (Administrative Support)

Where the action is really at.

Our dedicated administrative team can always use the support of volunteers to keep our machine finely tuned and up to speed. Responsibilities may include alpha/numeric data entry, answering phones, filing, mailing, and other administrative tasks.

Can I do it?

If you’ve got basic (or superb) numeric and office skills, major attention to detail, and can work well independently and in a lively (OK, sometimes chaotic) environment – you are our kind of administrator!

Where do we meet?

Ve’ahavta head office: 200 Bridgeland Ave, Unit D (Dufferin & 401)

When do I go?

1-2 days/week (5-6 hours per day, flexible schedule within regular business hours). Minimum 3 month commitment.


Money makes charities go ‘round.

Without dedicated volunteers who understand the need for fundraising support, it would be very difficult to do what we do. Fundraising volunteer opportunities range from making solicitation telephone calls, securing corporate sponsorships, or planning a fundraising event or initiative. Fundraising no longer means knocking on doors or making cold calls – it can be fun, exciting and truly rewarding.

Can I do it?

If you have drive and enjoy opening doors of opportunity, you can fundraise. No minimum or maximum age required

Where do we meet?

Depending on the fundraising initiative you are working on, you may be at the Ve’ahavta office or working remotely on your own time.

When do I go?

Generally, timing is flexible but if in-office it would be during regular business hours.


Where the party’s at

Starry Nights is Ve’ahavta’s main annual gala event, however, other events occur throughout the year as well. Volunteers support event logistics from the planning stage to implementation. Event volunteers typically help with set up, greeting guests, serving food, and generally bringing the spirit of the event alive!

Can I do it?

Do you have comfortable shoes and a fun spirit? Events are a great way to volunteer with friends or family in a fun and lively environment, and connect with others all while engaging in Tikun Olam.

Where do we meet?

Various Locations.

When do I go?

Starry Nights typically takes place in November or December each year. Other events are scheduled on various dates. Please inquire for more details on upcoming events.

Drive to Survive (Supply Drives for the Homeless)

Jackets, Mittens, Socks…Oh My!

We are confident there are thousands of garments gathering dust in closets that have the potential to save lives. Yes, save lives! Ve’ahavta relies on the local community to ensure that we have the supplies needed for our homeless clients to survive the elements on the streets of Toronto. Volunteers coordinate a supply drive by engaging family, friends, and other community members to donate gently used items which will be distributed by Ve’ahavta through our Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless outreach van program.

Can I do it?

We need you! Anyone can initiate a supply drive within their school, neighborhood, or community. And we can help!

Where do we meet?

Supply drives can take place at any location of your choice. We are happy to coordinate transportation of the items to our head office at 200 Bridgeland Ave Unit D (Dufferin & 401)

When do I go?

How about now? (just kidding).The need for clothing is increased throughout the winter months but we accept items all year-round (but please connect with us as we are sometimes in urgent need of specific items).

Learn more about the Drive to Survive initiative, and our wish list

B’nai Mitzvah

Time for tikun olam in a big way.

The iMitzvah Bar/Bat Mitzvah program is one of a kind in that it encompasses many forms of tzedakah (charitable giving) and chesed (kindness) in order to give the bar/bat mitzvah student a holistic, personal and inspiring experience. It includes the raising of funds for a chosen Ve’ahavta program, while also supporting the program in a hands-on way through a chosen related volunteer opportunity. And to bring it all home (and to the simcha itself) the student will have the opportunity to study his/her torah portion for one-hour with Ve’ahavta President and Founder, Avrum Rosensweig. They will explore relating the portion to their iMitzvah experience and discuss how it can be delivered in an effective and powerful way to guests at the simcha.

Can I do it?

Are you planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Then, yes!

Where do we meet?

You can start by meeting with a Ve’ahavta representative on the phone or in person to discuss the specific options and design your iMitzvah experience from there.

When do I go?

As soon as you’re ready, reach out! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Learn more about B’nai Mitzvah

Kind. Co.

Teams that give together, stick together (and increase profit, by the way)

Ve’ahavta’s Kind Co. program supports the building of socially responsible teams in the workplace. A powerful morale-booster and team-building exercise, volunteers engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities and raise funds collectively for a chosen program. This may also include an engaging lunch and learn discussion on a variety of topics, including homelessness, Aboriginal issues, and social responsibility.

Can I do it?

Big or small, any team can benefit from meaningful engagement. Give us a call to discuss various options.

Where do we meet?

Either at your place of work, the Ve’ahavta office, or the streets of downtown Toronto.

When do I go?

Timing is flexible depending on the chosen program and your team’s availability.

Learn more about Kind. Co.

Tikun Olam Community Passover Seder

Hungry for more?

Our unique and interactive seder allows people of all faiths to come together in order to recall this historic biblical event which teaches us about bravery, faith, and ultimate freedom. We take this opportunity in the Jewish calendar to unite as a community and to band together to remind ourselves that the comparable atrocities of today are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by any of us!

The telling of the Passover story is accompanied by live music, thought-provoking questions and discussions, activities for children, gifts for all attendees, and a warm and delicious 3-course meal served by our very own wonderful and friendly volunteers.

Can I do it?

Yes! (most likely) Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Where do we meet?

The seder typically takes place at a synagogue in the GTA (please inquire for further details)

When do I go?

This year’s seder will be held on the THIRD night of Passover (so no need to disappoint family or friends – you can do it all!)

Learn more about the Tikun Olam Community Passover Seder

Meal Box Volunteers

Providing tasty and nourishing meals to those in need.

Ve’ahavta’s programs seek to break down barriers, empower marginalized individuals, and inspire community engagement on issues of poverty and homelessness in Toronto.

The Meal Box Program is a new initiative offering healthy meals to chronically homeless individuals as part of our Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness outreach van program (MJRH). Meals will be prepared and packaged by the Kitchen Coordinator and volunteer teams 5 nights/week.

This role is ideal for someone looking to have a meaningful and regular volunteer commitment. Open to corporate, friends and family groups.

All volunteers must be aged 16 & older

Learn more about the Meal Box Program Volunteer Opportunities

To inquire or apply as a Ve’ahavta volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Hub at or 416-964-7698 ext 216

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