Yom Hazikaron: there will be no baptism (The Canadian Jewish News)

Avrum Rosensweig, The CJN, Wednesday, April 22, 2015 Yoram’s leg stuck out of the bunker – enough so that his commander barked at him to tuck it in. His instruction was a mild inconvenience but could save Yoram’s leg. Yoram’s plugah (unit) had bunkered down in Khan Yunis preparing for a major Israel Defence Forces attack on a […]

For One Night, A Spiritual Home For The Homeless (The Jewish Week)

Passover’s slavery-freedom message resonates deeply for those on the street.  By Avrum Rosensweig, March 31, 2015, Special To The Jewish Week It was the second night of Passover. In Congregation Habonim, a liberal congregation founded by Holocaust survivors and refugees, nearly 150 homeless Jews sat at tables at a seder sponsored by Ve’ahavta, Canada’s only registered Jewish […]

Cover Story: 24 Jews who are changing the world (The Canadian Jewish News)

CJN Staff, Wednesday, April 1, 2015 Change may be inevitable, but it’s not easy. It requires vision, inspiration and bravery to make it happen. Over the past few months, we here at The CJN have been thinking a lot about change in the Jewish community and how it affects where Canadian Jewry is headed in […]