About 8,715 people were experiencing homelessness [in Toronto] on April 26, 2018. About 6% of these individuals (533) were living outdoors. 
Street Needs Assessment

Image source: MYTORONTO

When most of us think about homelessness, it is common to picture someone sleeping on a street corner. But in reality, there are different types of homelessness, some of which are hidden in plain sight. Due to the shame and stigma that often surrounds homelessness, we don’t always know when someone is living without a stable, safe place to live.  

Homelessness is a broad spectrum that could affect anyone, especially due to the rising housing costs in Toronto. There are many different reasons why someone might experience homelessness and there are many different types of homeless experiences.

Here are four general categories: 

  1. Unsheltered- People living in makeshift shelters, in public spaces or in cars.
  2. Emergency Sheltered- Those who are accessing emergency shelters and supports.
  3. Provisionally Accommodated- Those with temporary shelter such as transitional housing, friends’ or strangers’ couches or motels.
  4. At Risk of Homelessness-  People at risk of losing their permanent housing due to a number of external factors including the loss of employment or supports.
Source: Homeless Hub


What you can do to help:

Ve’ahavta provides life-changing programs that take our clients on path to greater stability. You can get help create real change by donating and volunteering your time today!

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