So this one is tough. But is something that I feel I just have to share with you.

In the 25-year history of our mobile outreach van program, with your help, we have served people all over the city, from every walk of life, providing them with food, clothing and essential supplies to help them as they faced homelessness. In all of that time, thank G-d, we have only had to provide our services to adults. 

But now, 15% of the people served by our Scarborough outreach van are under the age of 15.  

For the past several months, as we have been filling a need for service at several women’s shelters and family shelters in the east end of the city, more and more of our van clients are children and their families. Many of them are fleeing domestic abuse or are refugees, new to Canada and trying to forge a life here.

Although they have been grateful for whatever we have been able to provide, it has been hard for us to recognize that we just aren’t equipped to meet the unique needs of the children. And so, we are doing what we always do when we uncover a new need on the streets – we are pivoting in response and coming up with a plan. We are culling new resources, forging new partnerships, and collecting and delivering new items.

In the interim, while we develop a long-term strategy, these children have urgent, immediate needs: new underwear and socks, school supplies, hygiene products, etc. and we need your help to meet them.

So, here’s my ask: If you are able, make a donation. Give what you can. And help us provide for the basic needs of these kids.

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

If you are able, help us provide for the basic needs of these kids.


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