From: Cari Kozierok (Executive Director)

Food banks are there to help those who have kitchens. Sadly, one in ten Torontonians must access food banks to meet their most basic food needs. Staples like dry pasta, canned goods, vegetables, and milk help people get through the month without going hungry. This is one of the ways that food insecurity is addressed in our city.

But what about people who don’t have a fridge, stove, microwave, or a place to safely store and prepare their meals?

Food banks help people who have kitchens. Ve’ahavta helps people who don’t.

Food insecurity for people facing homelessness requires a different solution. Rather than groceries, people facing homelessness need access to healthy, prepared meals.

Each night, we serve nearly 300 hot, nutritious meals to people facing homelessness across the GTA. Carefully prepared under the supervision of our chef and his team of interns, each meal includes a healthy balance of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates, to satisfy hunger and meet nutritional needs.

Hearty soups and chilis, roasted chicken and potatoes, and meatballs with rice provide the comforts of home cooking, dignity, and relief for people who have nowhere to store or prepare their own food.

Every $5 you donate helps someone receive a healthy, prepared meal. Help now.

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

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