If someone asks you to support a cause, how inclined are you to give? What if that person explained to you why that cause is important to them and how it has changed their life? Does it make you want to give more?

Here are a few steps you can take to reach your fundraising goal for The Ve’ahavta Project.

Personalize Your Emails and Social Media Posts

Share in your emails and social media posts your heartfelt reasons for helping people who have been marginalized by poverty and homelessness and you’ll open the door to more donations. You will not only give them a convincing reason to donate, it will encourage them to share your posts with others as well.

Personalize Your Page

With your personal or team fundraising page, you have a stage to let everyone know why you’re involved with The Ve’ahavta Project – do you know someone who has  experienced homelessness, have you been out on our outreach van or done other volunteer work with Ve’ahavta where you have seen first-hand the difference our programs make? You can upload a photo or video and share your story on your page, where your supporters are just one click away from donating for you!

Host Fundraising Activities

Organize a fundraising BBQ, bake sale or garage sale and raise funds. Practice what you will tell people about your reasons for taking part in The Ve’ahavta Project including that every donation will help to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Toronto. Let us know in advance about your event and we can provide marketing materials such as posters, pamphlets, brochures and donation forms.

Raise $500 in 10 Days!


Day 1:

Sponsor yourself $25. This first donation will encourage others to give.

Day 2:

Ask 3 family members to donate $25 each.

Day 3:

Ask 5 friends to donate $20 each.

Day 4:

Ask 5 coworkers to contribute $10 each.

Day 5:

Ask 5 neighbours to contribute $10 each.

Day 6:

Ask your employer to donate $100 or to match total funds raised.

Day 7:

Ask 3 of your favourite merchants (hair stylist, grocer, restaurant, etc.) for a $10 donation.

Day 8:

Turn it around! Ask 2 people who have asked you to support their cause to support you with a $25 donation.

Day 9:

Ask 2 acquaintances from the gym, daycare or sports complex to donate $10.

Day 10:

Send an email or Facebook message to all your out-of-town friends and family and you have surpassed your goal!

Learn More about The Ve’ahavta Project

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