With Passover around the corner, Jews have one thing on our minds right now – food. From shopping to cooking to – of course – consuming, food is central to celebrating the holiday.

As we begin the hard work of Passover preparations, I am always struck by an appreciation for how fortunate I am to be able to buy and cook and serve the traditional foods that hold so many memories for me and my family.

At this time of year especially, food is more than just sustenance and health. It is the way we connect with others, our traditions from the past, and the way we celebrate our freedom from slavery in the present.

Every year, as I pull out the old recipes and shop for the ingredients, I can’t help but think about people who aren’t as fortunate. People who don’t have kitchens to cook in, tables to seat their loved ones at, or money to purchase the groceries they need to survive, let alone to celebrate holidays.

$5 is all it takes to ensure that someone eats a hot meal tonight.

Each night, Ve’ahavta’s Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness outreach vans serve nearly 300 hot, nutritious meals to people facing poverty and homelessness – people who can’t afford groceries and who don’t have kitchens in which to cook.

Our ready-to-eat meals are carefully prepared under the supervision of our chef and his team of interns. Hearty soups and chilis, roasted chicken and potatoes, and meatballs with rice, provide the comforts of home cooking, dignity, and relief for people who are hungry.

As we prepare to gather to retell the epic story of our people’s release from slavery, let us remember that there are people among us right now who are enslaved by poverty and hunger and let us strive to help free them.

Every donation makes a difference. Help now.

Thank you and Chag Pesach Sameach!

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

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