Lately we at Ve’ahavta have been thinking and talking a lot about the idea of a safety net. In conversations with colleagues, each of us shared an experience of a critical moment in life when we needed help from someone. We have all had at least one make-it-or-break-it moment where, had we not received help, it would have detrimentally changed the trajectory of our lives.

One person lost their job and couldn’t cover the mortgage. One went through a terrible divorce and needed a place to stay. Still another needed specialized, costly therapy for an unwell child. At some point, we have all needed a safety net.

And, in each of our cases, we had one. A mom stepped up to cover the bills. A friend offered the guestroom for as long as it was needed. A community absorbed the costs of therapy.

This is the critical difference between us and most of the clients we serve at Ve’ahavta: our clients are our clients because they didn’t have someone in their corner to help them through a difficult time.

When you support Ve’ahavta, YOU become a safety net for people who don’t have one.

I invite you to read the stories of people who faced a crisis and turned to their safety net, to think about a time when this happened to you, and to consider becoming a safety net for people who don’t have one.

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

Want to become a safety net for our clients? Consider donating to Ve’ahavta.


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