I love this time of year. While the on-again/off-again rhythm of the High Holidays is disorienting (in the office – at the stove – at shul – in the office – etc.) there is something to this uncomfortable departure from the regular rhythm of life.

It helps stoke the introspection, the “taking stock” that is at the heart of these special holy holidays, when we contemplate ways for us to be better in the upcoming year – better parents, spouses, siblings, friends – in short, better people.

But we also know that introspection, the thinking part, is only the beginning. As Rabbi Jonthan Sacks put it, “Judaism never left its ideals at the level of lofty aspirations, but instead translated them into deeds which we call mitzvot”. In other words, we must move from thinking to acting.

So, the big question is: what will we do?

Next month, on November 6, we will offer everyone an opportunity to do Judaism, to do mitzvot that will make a material difference in the lives of people facing homelessness in Toronto, while also bringing meaning and purpose to our own lives.

The Ve’ahavta Project, now in its 4th year, will take place at 12 locations (shuls, day schools, Jewish summer camp offices, and JCCs) across our city. On this one remarkable day, hundreds of members of our community will gather to make soup, sandwiches, cookies, blankets, and pack essential supply kits that will be distributed directly off Ve’ahavta’s outreach vans to people facing homelessness across the GTA.

What better way to start this new year, than by turning our good thoughts into good actions?

See you there!

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

If you can’t make it, don’t fret! We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities year-round.


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