From: Cari Kozierok (Executive Director)

We are Canadian and in January, that means one thing – it’s cold out there.

As you bundle up to go from your house to the cold car or head out to walk the dog, have you ever imagined what it would be like to have to stay outside? What if you had to sleep outside? How would you stay warm enough to sleep? How would you stay dry enough to protect your toes from frostbite?

This is the reality faced by hundreds of people in our city. Toronto shelters are at 100% capacity on most nights and turn away 245 people per day on average, leaving those facing homelessness with no choice but to sleep outside.

Every night of the winter, Ve’ahavta’s two Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach vans travel across the city, providing emergency relief in the form of warm, dry, insulated winter clothing, socks, boots, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, blankets, hand and foot warmers, and hot meals and coffee. The objective: to give unhoused people in our city a better chance at surviving the winter.

These upcoming few months are the absolute hardest months of the year, and we need supplies to help people survive.

We need your help.

Your support can mean the difference between someone being wet and freezing and being warm and dry. Between someone keeping their extremities intact and losing fingers and toes. Your support can mean the difference between life and death.

Please give what you can.

Thank you,

Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

Help support Ve’ahavta’s MJRH Outreach Van, by giving what you can.

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