From: Cari Kozierok (Executive Director)

This month, I am so inspired by the dedication of one of our volunteers, that I am sharing her message directly with you. For the last month, Natalie Fingerhut has been working hard – sending emails, posting to social media, and otherwise getting the word out about poverty and homelessness in our city, and the deep importance of participating in our upcoming Coldest Night of the Year walk event on Feb 24.

Here’s what she has to say:

I believe, with every fiber of my being, that those of us who have a lot have a moral obligation to help those who have less. We, as a society, are judged by how we treat our most vulnerable members.

We live in divisive times. There is a prevalence of “Us vs.Them” thinking, whereby Canadians facing homelessness are “them”, and “they” are not “our” problem.

But it’s not true. The current poverty and homelessness problem belongs to all of us. And it’s a complex problem – including a toxic stew of a widening inequality gap, a lack of affordable housing, a mental health crisis, and the widespread availability of street drugs – that can only be solved by all of us.

On Feb 24, I will take to the streets at Ve’ahavta’s Coldest Night of the Year event to help raise funds for an organization that really gets the problem and works with tireless purpose to solve it. I will walk to raise awareness and empathy for our less fortunate community members and band together with like-hearted individuals who, like me, are striving for a better tomorrow for everyone.

I am extending a personal invitation to YOU to come out and join me! Add yourself to my team here.


Cari Kozierok,
Executive Director, Ve’ahavta

Missed our Annual Coldest Night of the Year Walk? Consider booking a shift on the Ve’ahavta MJRH outreach van. 

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