Prepaid VISA Cards Distributed to Homeless Population During COVID-19

Ve’ahavta, with the support of CIBC and several philanthropists, including Henry Wolfond – CEO of Bayshore Capital – launched an initiative to help provide emergency resources and support during COVID-19 to Toronto’s street homeless population. Credit cards are being given out nightly through Ve’ahavta’s outreach van program; providing individuals with much-needed funds to purchase food and other essentials. The […]

The factors influencing Toronto’s COVID-19 hot spots (CBC News)

The City of Toronto has released geographical data about the location of coronavirus cases, and many residents of one densely populated, lower-income hot spot say they are not surprised.  

#NoHomeTO: Facebook Live Panel May 14, 2020

The news headlines speak of using hotel rooms to keep people experiencing homelessness safe during the pandemic. But what about the isolation? And how do you social distance while living in a shelter sharing a room with someone you don’t know? On Thursday May 14 we held another panel discussion in our #NoHomeTO Facebook Live […]

Stress, anxiety a heavy burden for people who can’t work from home or properly isolate (CBC News)

Almost two months into social distancing and working from home, the verdict seems to be in — for most of us, the measures have worked and the surge medical workers feared would overwhelm our hospitals hasn’t materialized. So why are we still seeing a steady stream of new COVID-19 cases? “I think we did a […]

I’m just trying to become a person again’: Homeless woman gets keys to apartment leased by the city (The Star)

Last week Jen was homeless, sleeping “rough” in a tent close to a bridge at Lake Shore Boulevard West and Bathurst Street. She describes the experience as an “utter, constant grind” to survive. “Pretty well every moment I’m thinking, ‘Where am I going to get water? Food?’ When it’s cold and wet, or snowing, I’m […]

Interview with Roy: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected Individuals Experiencing Homelessness.

One of Ve’ahavta’s clients, Roy, shares how his day-to-day life has changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just count on you guys every night” Learn more at We need your help today so that we can continue to provide food, supplies and support to this population who is particularly vulnerable during […]

Gardiner Expressway Encampments During COVID-19 (Video)

Ve’ahavta’s outreach worker, Kelly, provides support to individuals experiencing homelessness under the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto during COVID-19. Kelly is demonstrating the powerful relationship he, and other outreach workers, have developed with this community. Learn more at We need your help today so that we can continue to provide food, supplies and support to […]

Street Outreach in Toronto During COVID-19 (Video)

Get a glimpse of the resilient individuals experiencing homelessness near Fort York in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ve’ahavta’s outreach workers provide these individuals with much needed food and essential supplies during these challenging times. Learn more at We need your help today so that we can continue to provide food, supplies and support […]

#NoHomeTO: Facebook Live Panel April 23, 2020

Please help out by visiting What happens when you are told to #stayhome to #staysafe but you don’t have a home? On April 23, we had a live panel discussion about the escalating crisis of homelessness in Toronto. We heard from Ve’ahavta’s clients and frontline workers about the increasing needs and immense challenges facing […]

How COVID-19 is impacting communities in need and how we can help (Toronto Guardian)

We’ve all be told to stay home to help flatten the curve. By doing so we’re protecting ourselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. Pretty much everything in the city has been shut down. But what is happening to the people experiencing homelessness and those in need within our communities who rely on services like […]

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