Ve’ahavta COVID-19 Policy

Please note that these are our current COVID-19 protocols. All staff, clients, interns, and volunteers in the office will be expected to follow these protocols.

If you have any questions, please speak to your program coordinator or send an email to

Symptoms and Self Isolation

Please read the below chart, and DO NOT COME TO THE FACILITY if the chart directs you to self-isolate.

Do not come to the facility if:

  • There is an active COVID-19 case in your household
  • You or someone in your household are experiencing one or more of the symptoms in the above chart.

Onsite COVID-19 Covid Protocol

Masks will no longer be required in the facility or on the outreach vans. All staff, volunteers and participants will continue to be supported if they choose to wear a mask in the workplace. Masks will continue to be provided onsite for those who choose to wear them. We will continue our practice of monitoring Public Health guidelines and adjust as necessary.

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