5 Things to Know


1. “Why don’t people just get jobs and stay housed?”

While people may have have the same goals, their paths can look really different…


4. “So, what about shelters?”

There are not enough shelter beds for everyone who needs one. Some people also express concerns that they may not feel safe or get a good night’s rest in some shelters due to overcrowding, lack of privacy, theft, violence, substance use and LGBTQ2 discrimination.


2. “What factors can contribute to becoming homeless?”

People walk a fine line balancing the demands of life. Nearly half of working Canadians would have trouble making ends meet if their pay cheque were delayed by a week. (Canadian Payroll Association)

5. “Why do most people on the street have mental health issues?”

People who have mental health challenges often have difficulty accessing employment, affordable housing and social support. These factors increase their vulnerability to being homeless. Being homeless can make their mental health issues worse. Some people develop substance abuse issues in their efforts to cope. Stigma and judgement do not help! Only affordable, supportive housing, community services and public understanding can make a difference.



3. “What about social assistance?”

Social Assistance often cannot cover housing and living costs;
• $1205 Social Assistance for a family of four
• $1900 The average cost of a two bedroom apartment
• $695 balance ( & City of Toronto)

Working Together to Tackle Homelessness… 

Keep reading below to discover how Ve’ahavta’s misson is helping people on the street and how you can start doing the same now…









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