Looking for a B’nai Mitzvah program?

Ve’ahavta is one of the only organizations that offers volunteers opportunities to work side-by-side with our frontline workers and deliver direct help to the clients Ve’ahavta serves. We believe this direct contact has the unique potential to increase understanding and empathy and to change lives. No matter your age or time availability, there are lots of different ways to volunteer.

Ve’ahavta’s robust B’nai Mitzvah program provides a hands-on opportunity to put the practices of tikkun olam and tzedakah into action to help address poverty and homelessness in our community.

Opportunity Includes:

  • An age-appropriate presentation on poverty and orientation for students and their families.
  • A Sunday a.m. shift on the outreach van (with guardian) or other age-appropriate way to help.
  • A personalized fundraising or donation drive page.

A B’nai Mitzvah program for 12-13 year olds
(with a guardian)

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