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Make a selection from the options below and remind people they have not been forgotten. You can also view the entire catalogue for detailed information about each program. 

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MRJH Outreach Van Program


Supports three van shifts, reaching up to 300 clients.


The Renée Roth Memorial Speakers Bureau


Enables 8 participants to learn how to present their story publicly.

Young Riders


Helps support outreach to people who are homeless and educate a new generation of change makers.

Ve’ahavta Street Academy (VSA)


One-on-one case management for two participants for one year.


Meal Box Program


Provides 100 healthy meals, for vulnerable people in Toronto.





Provides funding for training workshops for MYTORONTO participants or vendors.

Building Foundations for Women


Provides one week of classes for one participant.


Socks and Sleeping Bags


Purchases 5 cold weather sleeping bags and 10 packages of warm socks.



Essential Hygiene Supplies


Purchases hygiene products for half a year for a person living on the street.


Please help us make change happen today.

Ve’ahavta’s outreach van provides people with essential supplies to survive the elements. Our Ve’ahavta Street Academy and other programs inspire hope, restore dignity and help people who experience homelessness, poverty and other barriers to make transformative life changes.

*Gifts presented here are representative of the types of programs funded and the types of items that will be purchased. Your generous donation will be used in the most effective way to address the needs of the individuals served.

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