“Ve’ahavta didn’t just fill my employment gap, they helped me build the skills, tools and resilience I need to face any challenges that come my way.”

Levy experienced a long stretch of unemployment after having experienced a series of unfortunate events — loss, heartbreak and family health issues. One day, he came across a job posting for a work placement with Ve’ahavta’s Meal Box program. The candidate needed to have experienced employment barriers. It fit him perfectly. He started working one day a week preparing healthy meals for Ve’ahavta’s outreach van. 

Today, Levy works part-time as the Volunteer Coordinator Assistant. He is confident that one day he will be able to work full-time. Once isolated from the Jewish community, he is glad to have reconnected through Ve’ahavta which shares his value of being inclusive of people of all faiths and backgrounds. 

By donating to Ve’ahavta, you can help others like Levy make a fresh start this New Year!  

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