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The MYTORONTO photography contest and calendar project provides a glimpse into the world of individuals who are often not granted the opportunity tell their story; where people with lived experience capture what matters to them through the art of photography. 

This initiative, brought to Toronto by Ve’ahavta, in partnership with the Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TEAH), is modelled after MYLONDON, founded by Café Art, a social enterprise. Since its inception in 2012, MYLONDON has introduced MYCITY calendars in São Palo, Manchester, New Orleans, Budapest and Sydney.

Participants gain experience in photography, connect with a community of peers, and receive recognition. The winning photographers are compensated and their photos used in the MYTORONTO calendar and exhibit. Going beyond artistry, the project seeks to challenge the public’s perspectives on systemic issues of poverty and homelessness in our city.

The core features of this project are: 

The project engages100 people affected by homelessness by providing them with 35 mm, single-use Fuji cameras to capture their perspectives; they are asked to photograph the world around them. A jury comprised of photography experts, artists, homeless advocates and civil servant adjudicate the photographs and choose 40 for a photography exhibit.

The winners of the photography contest receive cash prizes; $50 for the exhibit photos, $200 for calendar page photos and $500 for the calendar cover winner.

The MYTORONTO public exhibit will be held from October 18-22 at Artscape Youngplace at 180 Shaw Street. Forty photos will be on display including the 13 chosen for the calendar.  Participants are invited to speak and share their perspectives at a launch event.  

The premiere initiative of MYTORONTO is the calendar that allows the impact of this project to be seen 365 days a year. Featuring 13 photos along with profiles of the photographers, the calendar will generate revenue and serve as a potential social enterprise for participants.

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