Ve’ahavta drive aims to move Jews to help others (The Canadian Jewish News)

Ruth Schweitzer, Special to The CJN, Monday, May 26, 2014 Ve’ahavta is hoping its new $1.5-million fundraising campaign, It Is A Jewish Cause, will stimulate discussion about what responsibility Jews have for communities outside their own. The money raised by the campaign, which runs until Dec. 31, will be earmarked for four Ve’ahavta programs: its […]

Can you live below the poverty line? (The Canadian Jewish News)

Jordan Adler, Special to The CJN, Monday, May 5, 2014 TORONTO — Close to 10 per cent of Canadian households live below the international extreme poverty line of $1.75 a day, according to some Children’s Aid Society statistics. For five days, staff from Ve’ahavta, the humanitarian and relief organization, took up the challenge of trying […]

Initiatives bring Jews, First Nations closer together (The Canadian Jewish News)

Paul Lungen, Staff Reporter, Monday, March 24, 2014 More than 100 years ago, Winnipeg businessman Harry Henteleff used to make it a practice to get out of town and do some hunting and fishing in the dense forests and pristine lakes that were plentiful on the Manitoba-Ontario border. Henteleff was usually accompanied by guides from […]

Panhandling: to give or not to give?

Friday, March 28, 2014 For many of us, panhandlers provide a daily prick to the conscience. Can you spare some change? I’m hungry. Money for food please? What to do? There are so many options. Feel guilty. Resentful. Or both. Say you’re sorry and rush on. Flash a smile. Duck your head. Think, “There but for […]

Toronto weather: Outreach worker brings warmth to homeless on frigid night (Toronto Star)

As the city shivered, Lauren Gostick was driving the streets in a van handing out coffee and clothes and helping the homeless to shelter. Published on Wed, Jan. 08, 2014 By: Tim Alamenciak News reporter Lauren Gostick stands at the back of a black mini-­van on Peter St., taking coffee orders and passing out warm […]

Ve’ahavta’s Mobile Jewish Response to the Homeless and Cold Weather Response (CBC News Now )

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