Let all who are hungry come and eat! Celebrate our collective liberation and freedom! Join the annual Community Passover Seder, presented by Ve’ahavta and Holy Blossom Temple for an evening of music, storytelling and feasting. All are welcome regardless of background, belief or economic means.



Thank you to our sponsors

  • A special thank you to Premier Family Farms for donating the chicken to be served at the Community Passover Seder meal.

  • Hagaddah
    Joseph and Elaine Steiner
    Congregation Habonim
  • Four Questions
    Benjamin and Levitt Families (exactly the same as last year)
    Cambridge Group of Clubs
  • Seder Table
    Eisenberg/Roth Family, Jay and Carole Sterling ( in honour of Rabbi Helfman), Brian and Bunny Vyner
    Renee Unger, The Neiss-Arbess Family
  • Afkioman
    Fred and Joyce Zemans
  • Hamotzie
    Melissa Berg, Daveeda Goldberg, Jonathan Silin, Lily Paterson, Rob Flicht and Family
  • First Cup Sponsor
    Debra Aronson, Max Eisen




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