How will you set the example?

The Need

The summer camp experience can have a powerful impact on youth, teaching them to become compassionate citizens and gifted leaders. Implementing additional and innovative social action programming to enhance the camp experience is often hindered by a lack of resources and support. We, at Ve’ahavta don’t want tikun olam to stop when the school year ends – we believe tikun olam is a way of life, all year ‘round!

Ve’ahavta’s Theory of Change

  • by promoting discussion on and engagement in social issues, we can inspire youth to take leadership roles in important world matters
  • by providing youth with the tools and resources to implement their ideas, we can develop their capacity to create social change



Program Description

Veʼahavta offers grants to help summer camps start initiatives that challenge and inspire their campers and staff members to become models of leadership and global citizenship.

Call to Action

Apply and get your camp involved!

Who is eligible?

  • Applications are accepted on behalf of any recognized and accredited summer day camp or overnight camp in Canada, either for profit or not-for-profit.
  • A camp director, camper or camp staff member can submit a proposal on behalf of their camp. The camp’s director must endorse all proposals in writing before they are submitted.

Grant Proposals should reflect the value of tikun olam (repairing the world) and will be evaluated on the basis of the project’s potential to enhance social consciousness in a summer camp setting. A proposal’s potential impact, creativity, and practicality are important criteria in evaluating proposals and determining the allocation of funds.

See the 2016 Dugmah Grant recipients

For more information about past Dugmah Grant initiatives check out our 2015 Dugmah Report and our 2016 Dugmah Report.

Have questions? Contact for more information. 

Pink Day Camp Wahanowin



 “When children are shown ways to help others, participate collectively, seek opportunities to help friends and the community at large, and creative ways to make a difference, they become energized, engaged and incredible ambassadors. The generosity and commitment of these campers and staff alike was inspiring. I can’t wait to see how the program grows in 2016 and beyond.”

– Simon Wolle, Director, Camp Northland B’nai Brith