The Ve’ahavta Story


Top Things to Know

About Us

  • Ve’ahavta is a Jewish charity which helps people who have experienced poverty and homelessness to make positive change in their lives.
  • Ve’ahavta provides hands-on experiences for volunteers to meet our collective responsibility to care for our neighbours.
  • Ve’ahavta is guided by four values: responsibility, empathy, respect and inclusivity.

Our Programs

  • Ve’ahavta has four types of programs which are designed to help our clients to achieve their goals.
    This includes programs like the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach van, which gives out hot food, clothes, and other essential supplies, service referrals and other types of support to people living on or near the street.
  • We also have expressive arts programs (like our MYTORONTO photography contest), life and work skills training programs and paid work placement training where people can get work experience and make some money.
  • All our programs are supported by volunteers – in 2019, Ve’ahavta 1,500 people have given their time to help.


Individual donations are the largest contributions to our yearly revenue, at 44%.  71% of our revenue goes directly back into helping our programs run.

Ways to Get Involved

The Ve’ahavta Cookbook Program

A great family activity! Make sandwiches which our outreach team will then give to people who are experiencing homelessness.

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Drive to Survive

Organize a clothing drive to collect new and gently used items of clothing to be distributed on the MJRH outreach van.

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Donate money which Ve’ahavta will use to fund our programs and support people who experience poverty and homelessness.

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