“Going from stability — a house, family, employment – to absolutely nothing in a matter of days is soul-crushing. I know what it feels like to look for food in garbage cans. I know the despair people who are homeless feel when they reach out for help and are given a subway token to go to a shelter. I know because it happened to me.”

Lisa learned about Ve’ahavta through an outreach agency and shortly after enrolled in the Ve’ahavta Street Academy (VSA) program. VSA provided the education and inclusive supportive atmosphere that led to a turnaround in Lisa’s life. Following VSA, she participated in the Renée Roth Memorial Speakers Bureau and a work placement as a kitchen co-ordinator with Ve’ahavta’s Meal Box Program. She was even hired as an Administrative Assistant for VSA — the very program where she began her transformation. 

In Lisa’s words, she “went from living on the streets to thriving in Ve’ahavta’s programs.”

Ve’ahavta helps individuals marginalized by poverty thrive. By donating to Ve’ahavta’s poverty alleviation programs, you can help help others like Lisa make a fresh start this New Year!