If you’re a school, synagogue, community center, or other organization with a facility in the GTA, you are eligible to partner with Ve’ahavta on The Ve’ahavta Project 2022! Bring an amazing hands-on volunteer opportunity to your members and raise funds – both for our worthy cause and your own wonderful organization. Welcome to The Ve’ahavta Project 2022!

Get answers to all your questions about this monumental, city-wide, annual event below:

What is Ve’ahavta?

Ve’ahavta is a local charity that offers hands-on volunteer opportunities to community members who want to help fix the world by investing their time and energy and love in those who need it most – people in our city who are experiencing poverty, isolation, and homelessness. Ve’ahavta volunteers cook, bake, make blankets, package hygiene and harm reduction supplies, sort clothing and other donated items, distribute supplies on the Ve’ahavta outreach van, and share their expertise in Ve’ahavta’s many learning and training programs. Ve’ahavta volunteers fulfill the Torah value from which our organization takes its name: Ve’ahavta lerecha kamocha: to love your neighbour as yourself.

What is The Ve’ahavta Project?

The Ve’ahavta Project (TVP) is Ve’ahavta’s biggest volunteer event of the year! Over the last three years, this wonderful day has engaged more than 1,300 volunteers across our city.

Partner organizations host “satellite” events at their respective locations, where attendees participate in meaningful, hands-on volunteer projects designed by Ve’ahavta, the outputs of which are then delivered to Ve’ahavta clients. The city comes alive with the collective buzz of voluntarism, learning about the issues surrounding homelessness, and giving back.

The event provides the impetus for a peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity, where participants raise funds ahead of the event, in sponsorship. Funds are then divided between the participating partner organization and Ve’ahavta (the more you raise, the more you’ll receive). It’s a win-win-win-win (for partner organizations, their constituents, Ve’ahavta, and our clients)!

Event Details

Everything you need to know about getting involved in The Ve’ahavta Project 2022

Which volunteer activities can we do?

Participating organizations can choose from a variety of different volunteer activities, including:

  • Blanket-making (supplies from Ve’ahavta)
  • Soup-making (supplies from participating organization)
  • Sandwich-making (supplies from participating organization)
  • Harm Reduction kit packing (supplies from Ve’ahavta)
  • Hygiene kit packing (supplies from Ve’ahavta)

Day-of Details

When: November 6th, 2022, 1 – 4 pm
Where: In your community organization space. If you don’t have your own space, we’ll help connect you to another participating organization that does.
Who: The team you assemble will ensure that the day runs smoothly. We recommend appointing an Event Director who will be the point person with Ve’ahavta to ensure that offsite activities (ie. Remote video feed from The Ve’ahavta Project headquarters) are set up and coordinated properly.
Supplies: We will ensure that you have all the supplies you need to run your chosen activities well ahead of the event’s start time.
Covid contingency plans: As it stands, participants are meant to join in-person, at your community space. We will follow Public Health guidelines and will act accordingly. This may entail timed cohorts or groups, or a remote option. We are prepared for every eventuality.
Post-event: After the event is over, the fundraising pages will remain open until December 31, 2022 (so you and your recruits can keep on fundraising!) At the beginning of January 2023, we will send you your cut of the fundraised amount.

What do I need to do now?

Getting your community involved is easy. We’ll be there every step of the way:

1. Sign up – Sign up on behalf of your organization, using this form.

2. Sign the agreement – Sign the Ve’ahavta partner agreement here. Return the Signed Agreement to

3. Plan with us – Once we receive your sign-up, we will book a time to meet with you to get all your assets up and running, including:

  • Your Space – We will help assess your space for usability. Although not compulsory, it is best that your space has two to three separate rooms where different volunteer activities can take place, and a kitchen (if you want to participate in any food-making activities). You’ll also need projectors for each of the rooms, and a steady Internet connection.
  • Your fundraising page – Where you’ll be able to recruit members to fundraise individually.
  • Marketing – We will supply all of your marketing materials including email templates, website and social media banners, etc.), and also help with messaging and tips on fundraising. Of course, leading up to the event, Ve’ahavta will be posting lots across social media channels and there will be lots of content for you to share and engage your networks.
  • Staff/Volunteer training – Together, we will plan which Day-of activities you’d like to do, and we will train your staff on how to run the various activities. We will also help you assemble your local “Dream Team” (of staff and volunteers) to keep things running smoothly, onsite. You’ll need at least three volunteers per activity, depending on your number of participants. At least one of your volunteers will need to be comfortable and competent with technology.
  • Supplies – Given your activities of choice, we will share supply lists (some supplies will come from Ve’ahavta, and some will be supplied by you, and there are low to no expense options available).

4. Mobilize your membership – Recruit participants to fundraise and volunteer on the day-of.


Fundraising Guide

Our community partners raise funding by recruiting teams and individuals within their respective networks 

Fundraising Leadership

You will play a big role in actively recruiting and fundraising for The Ve’ahavta Project. When senior leadership is engaged, that helps engage your organization’s staff, volunteers, and community! We also count on organization leadership to coach, encourage, and recognize your volunteers in their fundraising efforts. 

Team Captains

Team Captains are your champions. Highly motivated members of your community, their role is to connect the families and networks that they are connected to, to the Ve’ahavta Project, and get them engaged through team sponsorship (donations) and/or through volunteering. Recruiting Team Captains will be critical to your campaign’s success.

Corporate & Community Sponsorship

Corporate and Community Sponsorship is a great avenue for bringing in funding, teams, and volunteers. Sponsors are welcome to join the event to see the incredible work they are supporting, and we will ensure that they are highlighted!

Fundraising Platform

The fundraising platform, Raisin, is super easy to use. We will create your organization’s landing page, which you can personalize with brand information, messaging, and event details. Teams and individual fundraisers will register through that landing page, in just a few steps. And donors will be able to easily donate through it, as well.

Support from Us

We will be there every step of the way to track your progress and help you with recruitment, fundraising, and promotion efforts. Fundraising and marketing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Our staff will be there with guides, materials, regular email updates, tips, and information on how to reach out, how to ask, and how to thank those who give. We can also help you recruit volunteers. The Ve’ahavta Project is overseen by a team of experienced event, volunteer, and fundraising professionals, and we are thrilled to share our expertise with you, to ensure you run an amazing, memorable annual event. We will be available to support you throughout the day-of. And, after the event, our team will continue to respond to all donor-related inquiries that come our way.

Payout Schedule

The more your organization raises, the larger your cut! See below an estimated breakdown. Payouts will be disbursed on or before February 28, 2023:

Financial Processing Details

  • Recording Donations: All donations will be reviewed and recorded by Ve’ahavta to ensure partner organization records are accurate and complete and that donors are receipted properly.
  • Tax Receipts: Donors and Sponsors will be eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt from Ve’ahavta on donations over $5. Ve’ahavta does not offer tax receipts for non-monetary gifts.
  • Donation Deadline: All online or cash/cheque donations must be submitted to Ve’ahavta by December 31, 2022
  • Disbursement of Partner Funds: Payouts to partners will be disbursed on or before February 28, 2023
  • Offline Payments to Ve’ahavta: Payments not made online, via the event fundraising platform, are payable to: “The Ve’ahavta Project” or “Ve’ahavta”, and should be delivered to: Ve’ahavta, 4100 Chesswood Drive, Unit 1, North York, ON, Canada, M3J 2B9
  • Incorrect Payments: If a donor or sponsor issues a payment incorrectly (i.e. directly to the participating organization), the participating organization must notify Ve’ahavta and work with the donor or sponsor to have the payment re-issued correctly to Ve’ahavta.
  • Non-Monetary Donations: Non-monetary donations to the event are welcome, but Ve’ahavta will not issue receipts for non-monetary items. The participating organization may choose to issue receipts for these items, at their discretion.
  • Invoicing Sponsorship Payments: Invoices are available from Ve’ahavta for Sponsors who require it. In order to obtain an invoice, the participating organization should provide Ve’ahavta with up-to-date contact information. The invoice will then be issued, and payments collected by Ve’ahavta. Sponsorship payments will be included in the final payout calculation to the participating organization.
  • Processing Fees: Processing fees that a donor elects to include in their online donation are not included in participating organization payout revenue.
  • Sponsorship Approval and Cancellation: Ve’ahavta reserves the right to approve and/or cancel any business sponsor.


All your questions answered here

Can anyone participate?

Yes! Everyone is welcome. The Ve’ahavta Project will have activities geared to people of all ages.

Is there a registration fee?

The Ve’ahavta Project is 100% free for volunteers! While we do have suggested fundraising minimums, volunteers who are unable to raise funds are still welcome to join us. For community partners, there may be minimum program costs to participate in some of our volunteer activities.

Do we need to be a registered charity?

Yes! In order for us to release your allotment of the funds you raise you need to be a registered charity. If you’re not, you’re still welcome to participate, but all of the funds you raise will go to Ve’ahavta.

Is there a minimum fundraising amount required?

There is no minimum fundraising amount required to participate in the Ve’ahavta Project, although we recommend partners set a minimum goal of $5,000 (25% payout tier). Donors and Sponsors will be eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt from Ve’ahavta on donations over $5.

Does Ve’ahavta issue tax receipts for non-monetary gifts?

Non-monetary gifts are welcome, but Ve’ahavta does not offer tax receipts for non-monetary gifts. Donors and Sponsors will be eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt from Ve’ahavta on donations over $5.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please reach out to Maggie, Manager of Volunteer Programs: or 416.964.7698 x 214

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