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The Passover Seder is a communal meal where we recount the exodus story and explore historic and modern realities of slavery and freedom. Passover is also a time of remembrance because, “we too were once strangers”. (Exodus, 22:20)

Since social isolation is a key factor in the mental health of the homeless, the Passover Seder creates an opportunity for these individuals to connect and be part of a community.

Ve’ahavta’s Theory of Change

  • By providing a safe and supportive environment for both marginalized and mainstream community members to engage, we can foster community-building and mutual respect.
  • By fostering human connections and offering inspiration, we can motivate individuals to make positive changes in their lives.
  • By infusing a Jewish historic tradition with modern and universal relevance, we endow a symbolic celebration with renewed meaning that is relevant to all.

Program Description

Ve’ahavta’s Community Passover Seder at Holy Blossom Temple invites people of all faiths to come together in order to recall the timeless story of slavery and freedom. Every year, we bring the community together to retell that story, so that we may better understand our role in the struggle for freedom around the world today, while we fulfill the commandment “all those who are hungry, let them come and eat” (Passover Haggadah).

The telling of the Passover story is accompanied by live music, and thought-provoking questions and discussions.

Pull up a chair – Ve’ahavta’s Community Passover Seder at Holy Blossom Temple welcomes all guests, Jewish and non – Jewish, friends and members of the wider community. A warm and delicious meal is served restaurant- style by volunteers. The warmth and joy of this Jewish holiday uplifts all those who attend.

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Call to Action


To support this event as a volunteer, either in the planning or implementation, please contact

Become a Sponsor:

To sponsor a portion of the Seder, please contact Brandon Lablong at 416.964.7698

Save the date! The 2019 Community Passover Seder will be held on the evening of  Tuesday, April 23 at Holy Blossom Temple


“This is true freedom: Our ability to shape reality. We have the power to initiate, create and change reality rather than only react and survive it. How can we all educate our children to true freedom? Teach them not to look at reality as defining their acts but to look at their acts as defining reality.” – Yaacov Cohen

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