Program Description

Tikun Workshops bring tikun olam (repair the world) programming into your school, shul or youth group. A member of Ve’ahavta’s Community Engagement team will facilitate engaging, hands-on workshops covering a range of social action issues. Activities geared towards different age groups include diverse learning methods, designed to complement your existing curriculum or goals. Fostering connections between Jewish values and social activism, Tikun Workshops give your students the tools they need to take further concrete action–to start repairing the world! You can see a full list of the workshop offerings here.

Now you can also book a speaker, from The Renee Roth Memorial Speakers Bureau, who has lived experience of poverty and or homelessness to speak with your students as well. Having a unique first-hand perspective on how issues of social justice impact individuals enhances the issues raised in the workshops, fosters empathy, and puts a human face to big challenges that often feel overwhelming.

Each workshop has been designed to fully engage participants:

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Call to Action

All workshops are between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of your group.

Tikun workshops are $100 each for 30 or fewer students. Hosting a speaker is $125.

For more information, download our PDF for Tikun Olam Workshops

 We request a minimum of two weeks advance notice for booking a speaker.  For more information, or to book your workshop today, contact Janis Seftel at or 416 964 7698 ext. 214.