Tikun Workshops bring tikun olam (repairing the world) programming into your school, shul or youth group. A member of Ve’ahavta’s Volunteer Services team will facilitate engaging, hands-on workshops covering a range of social action issues.


Program Description

Activities geared towards different age groups include diverse learning methods, designed to complement your existing curriculum or goals. Fostering connections between Jewish values and social activism, Tikun Workshops give your students the tools they need to take further concrete action–to start repairing the world!

See a full list of the workshop offerings here.

Now you can also book a speaker, from the Speakers Bureau Program, who has lived experience of poverty and or homelessness to speak with your students as well. Having a unique first-hand perspective on how issues of social justice impact individuals enhances the issues raised in the workshops, fosters empathy, and puts a human face to big challenges that often feel overwhelming.

Each workshop has been designed to fully engage participants:


Develop an understanding of the complexity surrounding social justice issues.



Foster a sense of social responsibility and empathy for those affected by injustice.


Increase the ability to act through skills building and practical examples.



Build solidarity with existing networks and resources.



Tikun Workshops are approximately 60 mins and a visit from a Speaker’s Bureau Graduate is 30 mins.

Tikun Workshops are $250 each for 30 or fewer students. Hosting a speaker is also $250. To request both and run a program for 90 mins, the program fee is $400.

Learn about the options for our Tikun Olam Workshops.

To book a Tikun Workshop for your group or class, please fill out the request formWe will do our best to offer a workshop on your selected date, but do not guarantee availability. Please note that we request a minimum of two weeks advance notice for booking a speaker.

For more information, or to send your request form, contact Carol Berns, or call 416.964.7698

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