Ve’ahavta’s TikunGen Leadership Program gives teens the tools to become #changemakers!  

Over the course of the six-week leadership program, TikunGen teens will develop team-building skills, volunteer with Ve’ahavta and create a group social action and fundraising project as they tackle complex social issues as a group.

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Program Info

Length:  6-week leadership program (5 Mondays, 1 Sunday & 1 half-day during winter break)

When: November 3 – December 9, 2019

Time: 6:30-8:45pm*

Where: Ve’ahavta, 200 Bridgeland Avenue, Unit D, North York, ON M6A 1Z4

Cost: $399 per participant**

*Please note, the third session of the program will be held on Sunday November 17, 2:15-4:30pm. This session includes a volunteer orientation, a speaker and preparation for the MJRH van shift. Parents are included.

**Cost includes all education and training workshops, support in planning the group project, ten volunteer hours signed off by Ve’ahavta, a speaker, graduation dinner and the opportunity to volunteer on Ve’ahavta’s outreach van multiple times throughout high school. Graduates also receive a certificate and a reference letter. If you are a graduate of Young Rider Ed or the B’nai Mitzvah Program, we offer TikunGen at the rate of $340 per participant.


  • Parents attend four of the six workshops (Sunday November 17 & Monday December 9)
  • All youth aged 12-15 are required to participate in a training program prior to volunteering on the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach van.
  • All youth aged 12-16 must be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian. If there will be a change in which parent is participating, please inform us prior to the shift.
  • There will be a short break approximately halfway through each workshop where kosher snacks will be shared. Please have dinner beforehand.


What is TikunGen?

1. Leadership and Training

Graduates of this program are the next generation of tikun olam advocates. They are future leaders in their community and deeply caring citizens who go through a sophisticated program with their peers. They will learn from experienced educators, meet with a Ve’ahavta speaker who has lived experienced of homelessness, and explore issues in social justice and the positive changes they can make in their city. This program is designed for participants from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

Participants will deepen their understanding about such issues as:

  • Social action work and making an impact in their community
  • The poverty cycle
  • Affordable housing
  • Mental health and harm reduction
  • Communities at risk and the impact of intersectionality (including poverty in Indigenous communities, gendered poverty, refugees and newcomers, anti-black racism, homelessness in the LGBTQ2+ community)
  • Discrimination, stigma and challenging our assumptions
  • Upstream thinking, change-making and advocacy

Participants also learn leadership skills such as identifying leadership traits and qualities, understanding leadership styles and learning tools for how to come to group consensus. Upon graduation, participants become part of Ve’ahavta’s youth advisory committee.

2. Volunteering

  • Participants will receive a minimum of ten volunteer hours:
    • Volunteer on the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness outreach van. See first-hand how social issues impact vulnerable individuals in our city. TikunGen gives teens access to volunteer with the outreach van multiple times throughout high school.
    • Volunteer on seasonal projects in the Ve’ahavta office during the winter break.
    • Participants can earn additional volunteer hours through assisting with special Ve’ahavta projects such as our annual major event, the MYTORONTO photography exhibit and the Community Passover Seder.
    • Through these activities, teens will be able to take their learning and passion and transform it into action.

3. Social action and fundraising

Throughout the program, participants will consider their collective social action project based on what they learn and where their interests lie. Weeks 4-6 will be spent developing, planning and initiating the fundraising project.

Participants will be encouraged to think independently as well as work together to come up with their project. This will include establishing a timeline for seeing the project through, including any future meetings with their group.

As part of the follow-up, a Ve’ahavta staff member will keep in touch with the group to find out how their project is going and what the impact has been. We will have a reunion meet-up sometime in January or February. We encourage participants to continue working on their project well beyond the completion of the TikunGen program.

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If you are a graduate of Young Rider Ed, we offer TikunGen at the rate of $340 per participant.

We want to ensure that all interested young people have access to our programs. If you need to discuss a sliding scale fee, or payment in installments, please contact Janis Seftel at or 416.964.7698, ext. 214.

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