Ve’ahavta’s TikunGen program takes teens beyond their B’nai Mitzvah year and gives them the tools to become #changemakers! 

Over the course of the eight-week program, TikunGen teens will  Learn,  Act and  Give as they tackle complex social issues. 


The TikunGen program is offered by Ve’ahavta staff three times a year (fall, winter and spring sessions).  

Fall 2018 session: Mondays, October 29December 17, 6:308:30 pm 
Winter 2019 session: Mondays, January 14March 4, 6:308:30 pm 
Spring 2019 session: Mondays, April 29June 17, 6:308:30 pm 

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Teens will attend a series of eight workshops at the Ve’ahavta office as a peer group. During these sessions, participants will deepen their understanding about such issues as: 

  • Ve’ahavta’s mission, Jewish values and the poverty cycle 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Mental health and harm reduction 
  • Communities at risk and the impact of intersectionality (including poverty in Indigenous communities, gendered poverty, refugees and newcomers, anti-black racism, homelessness in the LGBTQ2+ community) 
  • Discrimination and stigma 
  • Upstream thinking, changemaking and advocacy 

Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer on the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness outreach van. They will see first-hand how the social issues they have been learning about impact vulnerable individuals in this city. 

Participants will also be offered the opportunity to volunteer with other special Ve’ahavta projects such as our annual Starry Nights gala, the MYTORONTO photography exhibit, the Meal Box program and the annual Passover Seder. 

Through these activities, teens will be able to take their learnings and passions and transform them into actions. 

After six weeks, participants will design a collective social action project based on what they’ve learned in the course so far. Weeks seven and eight will be spent developing, planning and initiating their Give project. Participants will be asked to think independently as well as work together to come up with their project. This will include establishing a timeline for seeing the project through including any future meetings with their group. As part of the follow-up, a Ve’ahavta staff member will keep in touch with the group to find out how their project is going and what the impact has been. We encourage participants to continue working on their Give project well beyond the completion of the TikunGen program.  

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You will be able to indicate your session choice (Fall 2018, Winter 2019 or Spring 2019) on your form.  

Registration cost $450 per student.