The TikunGen program combines education, hands-on volunteering and philanthropy. Teens, ages 14 to 15, explore how they can contribute to tikun olam through an educational workshop which prepares them for their volunteer activities. The TikunGen program runs throughout the year and can be joined at any time. However, teens are required to attend a Learn workshop before they will be able to volunteer on the Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness (MJRH) outreach van. You can register for the program and pay the $54 registration fee below.

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The program is comprised of three components:

Learn: Attend a one-time workshop at Ve’ahavta’s office with their peers. The workshop offers participants an opportunity to think about their own personal values and how they can contribute to tikun olam.

Act: Participate in a hands-on volunteer activity with Ve’ahavta such as a special Young Riders shift on our MJRH outreach van (a 5 to 6-hour commitment), preparing baked goods for the van, volunteering at one of our community Seders, or running a clothing/supply drive. Participants can choose one or more actions in any combination.

Give: All participants are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities to support Ve’ahavta’s poverty alleviation programs.

If you have any questions about the TikunGen program, please contact Allison Spiegel at  or 416 964 7698 ext. 214.