Join us as we stand in solidarity with our Muslim Neighbours this Friday 22, March 2019. Ve’ahavta has been asked to provide a #ringofpeace around The International Muslims Organization of Toronto located at 65 Rexdale Blvd., Etobicoke at 1pm. We invite you, as a member of the Ve’ahavta community, to join us.

Jewish organizations will attend various Muslim places of worship across the city to join hands and create rings of peace around the building as worshippers arrive for Friday prayers. It is an act of solidarity with the Muslim community of Toronto. For more info: Rings of Peace – Friday March 22, 2019

Ve’ahavta Executive Director, Cari Kozierok, will be addressing the congregation of more than 1,000 people to deliver a message of support and condolence on behalf of the Jewish community.

Please feel free to make non-political signs to demonstrate your support and bring them with you. Signs can include words of love, support and peace. There will be security to ensure safety and members of the media will be in attendance. 

In the face of senseless tragedies that make us all feel entirely helpless, we can show the world that love is #strongerthanhate.

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